Tip Juice hand balm was never aimed at the masses. It was a kitchen job. Carefully put together by hand, purely to satisfy our needs. The name was leaked, and Tip Juice became a sort of 'underground legend'. People loved the Juice. So here we are, after extensive experimentation in our kitchen.

It soothes. It calms. It nourishes. It relieves. It promotes skin renewal. It keeps you climbing.

We still make Tip Juice by hand, no machines, just pots and pans. Using only the finest natural and vegan ingredients, Tip Juice is sure to keep your fingertips prime. No more excuses. Climb every day.

Good news! TipJuice is back in stock and selling again. You can buy direct online via our online store, secure and through PayPal. Or, if you'd prefer, check out one of our stockists to check it out in person!

You can buy online, connect with us on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter or just drop us an email!

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